Why Animation?

Animation and Motion Graphics will bring life to any ideas, objects and processes, which video alone can’t demonstrate. Motion Graphics can also be used to animate your company logo, introduce characters or demonstrate complex systems and processes. Animations (as they are commonly known) may be two dimensional (flat) or three dimensional depending on the requirements of the project.

Using animation ensures that your video doesn’t have to conform to the realms of reality. It permits far more scope for creativity and flexibility. This allows you to not only capture imagination, but also attention, which is vital in a world with so much competition for attention. Animation allows businesses to make long lasting impressions as it has direct registration in long term memories, leading to higher recall value and impact.

Viewers of animation retain 58% more information than they do when they just view images and black and white text. This is because animation caters to both sides of the brain.The left turns thoughts into images, allowing animation to communicate to left-brain thinkers in a way that words alone can’t. The right hand side of the brain likes Motion Graphics because it easily ignites feeling and emotion.

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Make Your Cookware

Produced by Hong Chan
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, 3D Max